Thursday, July 17, 2008


Those cards below I bought from my trip to Portugal in July 2008. I visited Oporto and Lisbon and had a great time there. Lots of great places and nice people and good food and drinks. I liked port wine, but the most aguardente! This is very good to enjoy after good meal in good restaurant or at home. ;)


Martinha said...

So you visited my country... i'm glad to know you liked it. You bought a lot of great cards :D

Take care!!

Ana said...

I just received this card today!!! :)))) i go head over hills on map cards!!
And thank you for the card posted below this one... I was wondering what that bird (cockerel) on the map represented :) Its an interesting card indeed

It does seem like you have robbed half-Portugal in postcards :) I would have done the same ;-)

greetings from the South!