Friday, July 18, 2008

ITALY - Belluno

Italy to the rest of the world Tag, by micio

SWEDEN - Åkers styckebruk / Ernst Jakobsson and his sons Georg and Oskar make coal in year 1926

SE-5834, by staff_only

CHINA - Shanghai / Lu Jiazui Economic Zone in Pudong

Private swap, by oopsdada

AUSTRALIA - Busselton / Busselton Jetty

Australia/New Zealand to the rest of the world tag, by Beverley1963

SLOVENIA - Ljubljana / Belltowers of the Franciscan church and cathedral

Slovenia to the world Tag by solecito

HUNGARY - Budapest

Single views RR, by Peaxie

BRAZIL - Ouro Preto / Science and Technic Museum

Brazil x Other Countries RR, by Mireia

BRAZIL - Prados / Forum

Brazil - Portugal x Other Countries, by tito.garcez

BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro / Saint Sebastian of Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

Churches and Cathedrals RR, by Fuhrmann