Saturday, January 8, 2011

MACEDONIA - Mother Teresa / 100 Years After Her Birth (Skopje 1910-1997 Calcutta)

Private swap, by Ana

VIETNAM - A girl in Ao Dai (Vietnamese long dress)

National Costumes RR, by JOinHanoi

ROMANIA - Bucovina

Private swap, by Emil

SWITZERLAND - Alphornbläser (Alphorn players)

Switzerland to the rest of the world tag, by masito

MALAYSIA - Ibans at Lemanak River

Cards with Thematic Stamps RR, by newrule

UKRAINE - Podolia / Western and eastern Podolia women

Traditional clothing tag, by Prott

CHINA - Character of Chinese Operas

CN-229659, by gevenice

NEW ZEALAND - Kauri tree " Pane Mahuta and Hokianga Harbour

RAS card, by Adriennegarry and octabis :)