Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MALAYSIA - Tioman in Pahang

Malaysia meets world Tag, by geeanuar

MALAYSIA - East Coast / 07:08 hrs

Europe - Asia Tag, by geeanuar

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires / Caminito

Private swap

ISRAEL - Jerusalem / Temple Area

Private swap

ITALY - Padova / Palazzo della Ragione

Palaces/Palacios Tag, by Edo

USA - San Antonio / Alamo

Europe to rest of world Tag, by rothko

CANADA - Ontario

Canada x Other Countries RR, by soccermom

AUSTRIA - Hallstatt / Salzkammergut

AT-17645, by Cometaneous


Private swap


Sent by my friend Rune


Sent by my sister

FRANCE - Les Baux de Provence

France x Other Countries RR, by Asa