Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MACEDONIA - Old Macedonian Dress

Private swap, by Ana (anagahan)


February 2010 RR, by JOinHanoi

CUBA - Cienfuegos

Private swap, by Osmany

JAPAN - Kyoto / Maiko Girls Worshipping at Yasaka Shrine

February 2010 RR, by kyoto348

SWEDEN - Stockholm / The Kaknäs tower. Spelrum Futurum

Private swap, by Maria (mjotten)

DENMARK - Odense / H.C. Andersen House

February 2010 RR, by annab3783

FRANCE - Normandie (Normandy)

April 2010 RR, by Perfecta

CZECH REPUBLIK - Kutná Hora / St. Barbara Church

Private swap, by Marketa

Monday, April 26, 2010

INDIA - Gujarat / Traditional handwoven quilt

February 2010 RR, by yeuxnoisette6


SI-20783, by anansie

Sunday, April 25, 2010

USA - Washington / Olympic National Park. "Hall of Mosses"

April 2010 RR, by Beachyblonde


February 2010 RR, by azzurri


NL-295108, by wilmak

HONG KONG - Rickshaw

Vehicles tag, by TiTi

USA - Washington / Seattle

Private swap, by Dana (Dezigngal)


Private swap, by Jerome

LATVIA - Riga / The Gunpowder Tower and Jacob's Barracks

LV-14673, by Zaone


Private swap, by Florian

USA - Virginia / Charlottesville. Monticello - Thomas Jefferson Mountaintop Estate

February 2010 RR, by vagirl

UKRAINE - Kyiv / Golden Gates

February 2010 RR, by mindanao

GERMANY - Wismar

DE-535787, by elbe

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FRANCE - Toulouse / The Donjon du Capitole

Private swap, by Dina (Dina0711)

Tunisia - Sousse

Sent to my sister

CZECH REPUBLIK - The Tatra Mountains / View from Lysa hora

Private swap, by Jana (ianka)

CHINA - Longmen Grottoes

April 2010 RR, by neonhex