Saturday, May 31, 2008

SLOVENIA - Hrastnik

Slovenia to the world Tag, by klansekz

FINLAND - The Parkland of Aulanko

Italy x Other Countried RR, by buvveskipi


France x Other Countries RR, by keetje2612

NEPAL - The Langtang Trail

Private swap

CHINA - Beijing / Summer Palace

Europe - Asia Tag, by iSkahn


America to Europe RR, by Tjitske

GERMANY - Weilburg an der Lahn

Brazil x Other Countries RR, by Liskatze

BRAZIL - Pelotas / Public Market

France x Other Countries RR, by anamaia

SLOVENIA - Gorenjska

Different countries RR, by tinkara

NETHERLANDS - Westerschouven

Lighthouse tag, by Librije

AUSTRALIA - Capital Cities

Europe / New Zealand and Australia Tag, by Aussibear

FRANCE - Chambord Castle

Private swap

CANADA - Vancouver

Canada to the rest of world Tag, by kitkat49

CZECH REPUBLIK - Prague / St.Nicholas Church

Canada x Other Countries RR, by Adeleide