Saturday, March 14, 2009

TURKEY - Datça

Turkey to the rest of the world Tag, by ctrekoza

SERBIA - Novi Sad / The Name of Mary Church

Private swap, by nel-tu (Blanka)

FRANCE - Tradional clothes of Lorraine

World Languages RR, by etoile du nord

PORTUGAL - Algarve / Lagos

Private swap, by ferro

USA - The Metropolitam Museum of Art / Claude Monet. Water Lilies

March RR, by tobiejonzarelli

JAPAN - Kinkaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, Shopping square Asakuse Temple in Tokyo, Mt.Fiju, Himeji-jo Castle in Himeji

Japan x Other Countries RR, by YUKI3

ENGLAND - Suffolk / Cavendish. The Pink Cottages and St. Mary's Church

UK x Other Countries RR, by W105akaMoke

NETHERLANDS - Achthuizen

March RR, by ilona23