Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEW ZEALAND - Mount Ngaurahoe

POSTCARD RR Australia/NZ to rest of the world, by Adriennegarry

RUSSIA - Spaso-Andronikov Monastery

RU-55370, by Mardji

ICELAND - Reykjavik. Þingvellir. Gullfoss. Strokkur

Sent by myself :)

TURKEY - Perge

Sent by myself :)

URUGUAY - Punta del Este

Water RR, by cata035

POLAND - Bieszczady / Polańczyk

Private swap, by Kazimierz

JAPAN - The fan of the float helmsman

June 2009 RR, by lovelypostcard24

GREECE - Chalkidiki / Vourvourou

Bought by my sister :)

CHINA - Baofeng Lake

June 2009 RR, by DJK


AT-36755, by honeybee

MALAYSIA - Asean Region

Private swap, by Earney (Luntid)


Private swap, by Mika (poulain)

CANADA - Manitoulin Island

Canada to the rest of the world Tag, by quinn


new map tag, by W105akaMoke