Tuesday, July 28, 2009

USA - Texas

US-446831, by scopemouth

AUSTRALIA - South Australia

POSTCARD RR Australia/NZ to rest of the world, by Apty

BRAZIL - Mariana / Catedral da Sé

June 2009 RR, by Luciano

LATVIA - Riga / Elements of Art Nouveau

LV-7635, by lizete

POLAND - Kraków / Cloth Hall

Slavic countries & Rest of the world RR, by delenn_mir

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CAMBODIA - Angkor / Ta Prohm Temple

Private swap, by russianruby

SCOTLAND - Glasgow / Glasgow Green and River Clyde

Private swap, by Sarah (asgerd)

URUGUAY - Montevideo / Harbour and Downtown

June 2009 RR, by cata035

PORTUGAL - Peniche

June 2009 RR, by zepombal

TURKEY - Delta of the Dalyan River

Sent by myself :)


Slavic countries & Rest of the world RR, by lu-lu


Water RR, by BubbleGum


Water RR, by Muffins

USA - Washington / Mount Rainer in Reflection Lake

Water RR, by hootnoodle

RUSSIA - Saint-Petersburg / The Spit of Vasilyevsky Island

June 2009 RR, by daarhon

MALAYSIA - Melaka / Jonker Street

June 2009 RR, by yiphinwai


DE-371283, by Tornasol

TURKEY - Village life in Anatolia

Sent by myself :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

FRANCE - Lyon / Guignol and Gnafron

Private swap, by Dina (Dina0711)


Sent by myself :)

MACEDONIA - Ohrid / Old City

Private swap, by Ana (anagahan)

ETHIOPIA - Afewerk Tekle / Self portrait

Private swap, by Chitra

RUSSIA - Saint-Petersburg / The Kazan Cathedral

Slavic countries & Rest of the world RR, by strix-ru

USA - Louisiana / New Orleans. Masks of Mardi Gras

June 2009 RR, by Nikinno

KOREA - National Flag (Taegeukgi) and "Red Devils"

Private swap, by Hana (amethyst226)