Sunday, February 15, 2009

SCOTLAND - Western Isles / Isle of Lewis. Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

UK x Other Countries RR, by asgerd

MALAYSIA - Malaysia Airlines / Boeing 747-400

Europe - Asia Tag, by mannequinned

MALTA - Mdina

EGYPT - Cairo / Al-Azhar Mosque

Private swap, by PeaceGirl831

PORTUGAL - Coimbra / The old and new Cathedrals

PT-72186, by ginamartins

UKRAINE - Crimea / The Golitsyna Palace in Caspra

Private swap, by Anatoliy

ITALY - Sicily / Mount Etna

BRAZIL - Salvador / Traditional celebration of Senhor do Bonfim

Your traditional event or festival RR, by vbformig

GERMANY - Bamberg

Different Countries RR, by RikeH

JAPAN - Yakushima Island

Japan x Other Countries RR, by Cockie

SLOVAKIA - Bratislava / Primate's Palace

Different countries RR, by jano

MALTA - Phoenician Malta

ITALY - Sicily / Mount Etna

FINLAND - Äänekoski

UK x Other Countries RR, by suzie

POLAND - Warszawa

PL-18257, by Agnieszka

JAPAN - Kyoto / Nijo Castle

Japan x Other Countries RR, by Uchy

ITALY - Sicily / Mount Etna

SPAIN - Barcelona / Fountaines and Caste of Montjuic

Different Countries RR, by luiseme

USA - Iowa / Mason City. The Music Man Square

Just Postcards RR, by mt2ia

MALTA - Prehistoric Relics